Solution #382: Commanding AttentionTitle Slide - Command the 5G Network

Featuring: Command the 5G Network
Client: VIAVI Solutions

The Idea:

VIAVI Solutions wanted a marketing video to appeal to senior customers, investors, providers, manufacturers, and the press, especially since live events have been suspended indefinitely.The purpose is to help customers and investors understand why partnering with VIAVI means greater capability and stability, as well as more optimization opportunities within the 5G arena.

The Challenge:

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, time, and resources impacting the production process how could a program be put together largely virtually? Additional challenges were in explaining lofty global concepts, electronic testing technology and equipment, and to do so in under five minutes.  

Our Family of Actors

The Solution:

Video Solutions proposed making this a largely story-based presentation with a family of three to illustrate the human factor - how 5G technology impacts everyday people and everyday life. The video follows our family throughout their day in a 5G World and along the way introduces elements within VIAVI's various sales verticals. The visuals show the capabilities of 5G and its implication on real life while the narration talks about Viavi’s role within that space (the brand messaging). We are able to build a case that shows Viavi as the partner in 5G that has been there since its inception and will carry it through until the end of the 5G life cycle.


Graphic Treatment with Stock Imagery

From a production standpoint and following local community guidelines, the entire production was conducted outdoors at safe social distances. In fact, we cast an actual acting family to play the roles in scenes designed to illustrate specific industry elements. To tell our story, a British woman was selected as our narrator to give it a more global feel and presence. The remaining parts of the program were comprised of stock imagery, existing company video, custom motion graphics, music, sound effects and special visual effects. At the culmination of the project, we reached and exceeded expectations and have a successful program that can be used in leu of trade shows and in-person meetings to attain customer partnerships.


Original Motion Graphics explaining their infinity loopOriginal Motion Graphics explaining their infinity loopOriginal Motion Graphics explaining their infinity loop