Solution #365

Going Beyond 'See Something, Say Something'

Featuring: Active Threats - Awareness & Prevention
George Mason University

The Idea:

GMU wanted to develop an Active Threat informational awareness presentation for students, faculty and staff. The program needed to be both a stand-alone presentation and able to be incorporated into live presentations. GMU wanted something tailored to their campuses and community.

The Challenge:

The challenge was deciding how to handle such a sensitive subject and present the information without creating panic among the audience or disturbing viewers.

The Solution:

After thorough research, we determined it would be best to design a hybrid approach that included both prevention tips and what to do in the case of an active threat. This was a unique approach in active threat videos and would help GMU stand out in the emergency management field. By combining both aspects of an active threat — those that precede an event and what to do during one — we were able to present a complete program to inform the audience and potentially save lives. 

Video Solutions and GMU partnered during the entire production from script to screen. The Theater Department was tasked with assisting our team find student talent for the dramatic scenes. The GMU Police Department and Emergency Management departments were tapped with helping provide props, production logistics, training and safety procedures. Professionals from GMU Psychological Services were engaged to provide topic knowledge and resource assistance. Collectively the departments worked together with the Video Solutions team in development of the script and crafting the final message. 

The goal was to deliver critical information for the faculty, student body and staff and increase awareness and sensitivity to active threats. The program was designed to call on the audience to take responsibility for the safety of everyone on campus. It went beyond “See something, say something”—it provided clear, concise information for red flags to look for, how to react to warning signs, and clear steps for how to act should an active threat happen. This video is a resource designed to keep GMU safe.


2019 Communicator Award of Distinction