Solution #250: Celebrate 200 Years and Beyond

Featuring: Our Bicentennial Campaign
Client: Virginia Theological Seminary

The Idea:

2023 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Virginia Theological Seminary. Following upon previous success, VTS wanted to create another campaign video that not only touched on the past, but really focuses on the future - a campaign about Programs and Place. Along with improving the physical plant and campus, the Seminary wants to develop new and innovative theological learning to aid religious practitioners in a complex world.

The Challenge:

This is a unique campaign, and unlike our previous experience with their chapel that had succumbed to fire, this is not a tug-at-your-heartstrings moment, yet it is an important growth moment in the institution’s history. In addition to gaining contributions to this anniversary campaign, we needed to convey to the audience that their annual contributions are still necessary in the continuing operations—we needed them to participate in both the annual giving efforts and this new bicentennial campaign.

The Solution:

Through interviews with key members of the VTS Community, Video Solutions tells much of the story as possible through the interviews themselves. The interviewees speak to how the improvements to the physical campus will enhance the learning and enrichment of their students, how future program enhancements will use cutting-edge technology to reach congregations, and how all are possible through the on-going support from the Episcopal community.

The net result, Video Solutions was able to deliver a powerful story that will enhance participation and involvement in the Capital Campaign and their annual giving efforts. As a bonus, Video Solutions developed a 12-month e-mail campaign featuring each of the interviewees making a personal fundraising plea from their community perspective. The program was publicly unveiled in February 2020 and followed up with the launch of the e-mail campaign.