Solution #306

Promotion of Programs

Featuring: Turn to us. We are here for you.
American Traffic Safety Services Foundation

The Idea:

To highlight the many programs and unique nuances of the Foundation in order to increase participation and financial giving.

The Challenge  

The main challenge was distilling down their message into a short, understandable format to more easily be understood and engage an audience. Ultimately, we wanted to motivate people to act either by donating and contributing or to spread the word of what the organization accomplishes to help those who are in the roadway safety industry or who may have experienced a roadway injury or loss.

The Solution:

Through a well-crafted script, Video Solutions helped to simplify this complex organization’s message into four key attributes or themes – Apply, Grieve, Remember, and Strengthen. The goal is to inform viewers on these Four Attributes with slightly different calls to action, but at the same time lead them to the Foundation’s website or to call them.

First is to gain applicants and donors for the Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship which helps families of roadway workers injured or killed in a work zone accident. Second is gain applicants and donors for their Experience Camps Travel Scholarships which cover transportation costs for youths who lost a parent or guardian in a roadway work zone accident so they can grieve with other children and share comfort with other teens with a similar loss, and learn how to deal with life’s challenges. The third is to bring awareness to the National Work Zone Memorial which the Foundation established as a traveling memorial to honor fallen roadway workers. And the Fourth was to introduce a new scholarship designed to further roadway engineers’ continuing education by participating in the American Traffic Safety Services Association’s annual conference.

Working with a modest budget, Video Solutions was able to utilize existing original footage captured for their sister organization, ATSSA, to illustrate much of the story. In addition stock footage, still images, and motion graphics were incorporated to round out the visuals, and a compelling professional narrator and subtle music tracks completed the program – making for a perfect four-minute overview.

The Result:

We are told the program was well received and that donations and participation are up.