Solution #410

Honoring Our Local Heroes

Featuring: “Alexandria's Heroes - The Public Safety Valor Awards 2002"
 City of Alexandria and The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce

The Idea:

The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce wanted a new way to honor the individuals in Alexandria who have dedicated their lives to public safety. In light of the events of September 11th, the committee wanted to honor those that served the city that day and every day.

The Challenge:

To produce a documentary-style piece, which showcased the work that these individuals do every day through the words of the Chiefs and the Sheriff as well as the heroic contributions and active participation at the 911 Pentagon disaster.

The Solution:

Utilizing interviews, b-roll, and exclusive photos and video footage of 911, Video Solutions created a 14-minute tribute to the police, fire, and sheriffs departments of Alexandria, Virginia. The video captivated and informed the guests and honorees of the City of Alexandria’s Valor Awards. Hailed by the mayor and the city council, the video garnered a second showing that was open to the public. The video is also being used to promote public safety in Alexandria


2002 Communicator Award

2002 Aurora Platinum Best of Show