Solution #201

Reaching Multiple Audiences

school childrenFeaturing: The Story of Impact Aid
Client: National Association of Federally Impacted Schools (NAFIS)

The Idea:

Create a public awareness and outreach video for several niche audiences on the needs of Federally Impacted Schools. These are schools on military bases, Indian Reservations, and National Park Lands and lack a tax support base because they reside on federal property. This fund also applies to individuals who have lost land to the Federal Government after 1938.

The Challenge:

booksVideo Solutions’ predicament was to produce a video that would not only convince members of Congress to reauthorize funding, but would also educate the vastly different Federally Impacted communities about their schools and the funding they require.

The Solution:

In order to reach a variety of specific audiences, Video Solutions honed in on those truly impacted by this funding: the children.

We gave the piece a “Back to School” theme, utilizing a child’s composition notebook as a template. We employed these “composition notebook pages” as transitional element tools, turning them as we moved from one topic to another. To ensure that the video represented and connected with all of the Federally Impacted Communities, we traveled with our client to an Indian Reservation in Idaho and military bases in New Jersey and Virginia to capture the conditions first-hand.

Video Solutions took advantage of the annual NAFIS Conference in Washington, D.C. to interview Board Members visiting from all over the country. By doing so, we not only reduced travel and production costs, but were able to capture the unique perspectives from all of the Federally Impacted groups.

To relate to the Congressional audience, Video Solutions interviewed several House Representatives, adding bi-partisan government validity to the piece and allowing us to delve into the legislative aspect of Impact Aid funding.

All of the interviews were inter-woven with the compelling footage from the Federally Impacted Schools, creating an emotionally persuasive piece.

Honors: 2005 Aurora Awards/Public Relations/Awareness- Gold Award