Solution #405: Getting in on the Ground Floor

Featuring: Enginuity Investor Relations
Client: Enginuity Power Systems

The Idea:

Explain the revolutionary, innovative new home power distribution systems to potential investors in under four minutes.

2-Camera Studio Set-up with Green Screen

The Challenge:

As with any video project, there are three components that always exist <&mdash/> time, money, and creative talent. Short on any one of these components, and the other two have to make up the difference. Sort of like an isosceles triangle where two sides are longer than the third.

In this case, time was our shortest element in more ways than one. First, we needed to tell their innovative story as efficiently as possible in a short format. We had to explain how these units will completely change one's home by not only replacing their traditional hot water heater, but also providing all the electricity for the home, also heating the home, and also serving as a back-up generator. So it is really three appliances in one. And there are additional benefits to impart. Next, we had less than two weeks to deliver the finished program for a posting deadline on an crowd funding investor website.

The Solution:

For a project such as this, investors want to hear from the company founders and executives to see their personal perspective and how they arrived at this opportunity. Through candid one-on-one studio-style interviews, these executives are authentic, present their unique perspectives, and the audience can better relate to their story. Had we used a central narrator throughout the program, the audience would not have had that personal connection. Hopefully, viewers see the opportunity of getting in on the ground floor of this new revolutionary technology and will take action.

We started with their :30 product explainer video to introduce the concept to the investor. We updated the look and feel of their existing explainer program. Then, our motion graphic designer was able to take their other marketing PowerPoint slides and bring them to life, as well as, create additional animations in a similar matching style for consistency. These graphics illustrate how their product will impact every day life for millions of people, enable people to produce their own power and hot water in home, as well as, make additional power that can be sold back to the utilities when they need it.

New Motion Graphic Illustration Sequence

Our client is going to be a big player in the green energy revolution. This video was able to help them secure a capital infusion and will enable them to bring products to market sooner.