Solution #501

Information Awareness Outreach

Featuring: Locking the Back Door
Client: ISIP- Initiative for State Infrastructure Protection

The Idea:

In response to the Homeland Security issues faced by the United States, a new program was developed a program called the Initiative for State Infrastructure Protection or ISIP – a federal information access support program hosted by the Department of Defense. ISIP wanted to incorporate an informational outreach video into their awareness campaign and garner support and participation by all the States.

The Challenge:

501_groupDevelop a realistic, yet serious presentation for State Governors and Administrators to introduce them to the ISIP Program with the ultimate goal of getting State Governments to create a united front and unify information to prevent cyber terrorism.



The Solution:

501_collageVideo Solutions developed an energized ten-minute program to capture the viewer’s attention and illustrate the needs for the ISIP Program. The introductory scenario portrayed a serious chain of events that could potentially occur if a calculated cyber attack were to take place – the effects on power plants, transportation systems, industry, and every day living. It was created through a compilation of stock footage and specially designed scenes with a multiple actors and actual municipal workers. After that introduction to the potential problems and hazards, an on-camera Host appears over an extensive array of 2D and 3D virtual set designs that the Video Solutions’ team developed. The Host walks the audience through all of the potential threats and how the ISIP Program helps to address these concerns. He also explains that through a united front and a sharing of information will help the United States beat Cyber Terrorism. Finally a set of testimonial interviews with accomplished military and government officials gave more support to the program’s message. The Video Program was distributed to Governors and legislatures in all 50 states via an integrated CD-Rom which held the video along with additional PDF documents, web links, and Program Contact’s email address.

Honors: Locking the Backdoor won a 2003 Silver Telly Award.
IABC Silver Inkwell – Government and Military Communications Award of Excellence. Aegis Award of Excellence 2003.