Solution #366

Getting Off to the Right Start

Featuring: Mason Rights, Responsibilities and Resources
George Mason University

The Idea:

GMU wanted to develop an introductory video to provide a quick overview of student orientation. This program would be backed up by a series of live presenters. They wanted to get students in the right frame of mind and to have them remember the key message points that they had Rights, Responsibilities and Resources available.

The Challenge:

The challenge was a tight production timeline since student orientation was within a few weeks. There was also a limited budget.

The Solution:

Video Solutions proposed using actual students and officials from the GMU community to give it a sense of authenticity and to save on talent expense. The other key element was designing a script that could deliver the points in quick soundbites — or the ability for one person to start a thought and another to finish it. The result makes for an engaging presentation that piques students' interest and makes them pay attention. By filming each person in a different part of the campus, it also subliminally shows off the campus, making these new students more aware and able to relate to their surroundings. The program was well received and students found it memorable. The University was pleased to have a program that can launch students into the college experience with the right start.

The goal was to impart the key message points and increase sensitivity to campus topics. Ultimately, the program was designed for the audience to take responsibility for their actions and to seek help if they need assistance.


Award of Distinction, 2018 Communicator Awards for Film/Video Social Issues: Responsibility