Solution #425

An Arch of Beauty

Featuring: "The Arch - Brilliant Simplicity"
Rotondo Environmental Solutions

The Idea:

Capture and explain the significant features of "The StormPod" to show engineers, architects, and landscape designers, so they can see how it's the right solution for stormwater management.

The Challenge  

The main challenge was to capture the installation of the product since it will live 12 feet underground. This was an active job site with several different contractors working on different aspects of building a new high school. The StormPod was going to live under a field hockey field.

The Solution:

Through careful planning, we were able to accomplish the production with two site visits, one-day capturing mid-construction and one day capturing near completion. By using a camera gimbal we were able to capture some very stable dynamic footage of actually walking around the inside of the StormPod. This allowed us to show the unique design features: the cathedral-like arches, the smooth surfaces, and how the modular construction all comes together—making for simple installation with a minimal construction crew.

The Result:

The net result, Video Solutions was able to deliver a relatively quick overview of the features and benefits of this product and show this as a unique solution to avoid an environmental problem.