Give your organization a voice. A face. Movement.

VIDSOL Media offers a range of production services designed for associations and nonprofit organizations.

Elevate your organization's identity with a compelling voice, a distinct face, and dynamic movement. VIDSOL Media stands ready to empower associations and nonprofit organizations through an extensive array of production services crafted to enhance their impact and outreach.

Our Association Media Services

At VIDSOL Media, we understand the unique needs of associations and nonprofit organizations. Our comprehensive Association Media Services encompass a diverse range of offerings tailored to meet specific objectives:

  • Government Relations — Navigate the intricacies of legislative advocacy with our specialized services, including Legislative Fly-In Coverage, Position Videos, Activism Coverage, PAC Fundraising, and Advocacy Videos and Materials.

  • Membership Services — Build and nurture your membership base with engaging content, including Benefits showcases, Recruiting and Retention campaigns, and Promotional videos that resonate with your target audience.

  • Training & Education — Empower your stakeholders with impactful Training & Education content. From eLearning modules and Streaming Content to comprehensive Coverage, Training sessions, Multiple Language Options, and Captioning, we provide a holistic approach to knowledge dissemination.

  • Meetings & Events — Make your events memorable with our Meetings & Events services. Benefit from our Event Services, Original Content creation, and On-Site Production and Editing to capture and share the essence of your gatherings.

  • Event Video — Create lasting impressions with our specialized Event Video services, including Tributes, Spotlight features, Happy Faces compilations, Webcasting, "Sorry I Can’t Be There" Videos, Convention TV, and Video eMail communications.

  • Public Outreach — Extend your reach and impact through Public Outreach initiatives. Leverage our expertise in crafting compelling Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Video News Releases (VNRs), Educational Programs, Issue Awareness content, and Public Relations Campaigns.

  • Fundraising — Achieve your fundraising goals with our support in developing impactful Capital and Fundraising Campaigns. We bring creativity and strategic thinking to your fundraising initiatives, ensuring maximum engagement and success.

For organizations seeking to harness the full potential of media production, VIDSOL Media offers a free consultation. Contact us at your convenience through our Contact Us page or by calling 703.683.5305. Let us partner with you to amplify your organization's voice, enhance its visibility, and bring your mission to life through the power of compelling visual storytelling.

For a free consultation: Contact Us or call 703.683.5305.