Solution #393: Those Spontaneous Moments

Featuring: WM Symposia 2020 Highlights
Client: Smith & Harroff / Waste Management Symposia

The Idea:

Our objective was to capture members and exhibitors attending the annual Waste Management Symposia meeting in Phoenix, Arizona to develop marketing and promotional content to enhance future participation.

The Challenge:

Highlights from the Golf Outing

Several challenges occurred in March 2020. This conference was occurring just before the nation was preparing for the COVID-19 Shutdown and fortunately, all who attended were not impacted, including guests from around the world. There were many safety precautions taken and awareness made of them to the attendees. It did however impact their attendance as some 300 registered decided not to attend at the last minute. The main challenge for Video Solutions was the late decision to flip a highlights reel from their golf outing for a next day showing, in addition to the other work being performed.

The Solution:

Highlights from the Golf Outing

The producer/editor was making notes and mental notes after the various man-on-the-street impromptu interviews to more easily assemble a story on the fly. Drone footage of players on the golf course made for some spectacular views and a great ending shot. Client was completely amazed how we could do all of this in 24 hours and attendees enjoyed the “Happy Faces” moments and fun that was had by all.

Then, post conference, we put together a highlights reel within a few weeks that promoted next year’s conference—same time, same place—that was e-mailed to all participants, and it was well received.